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The Young AFCEANs hosted their first Tech on Tap event at Iron’s Table and Tavern on the 24th of February. The event was an opportunity to bring together industry leaders, military members, and students. The attendees had two specific tech articles as discussion topics. Additionally Honolulu Community College and University of Hawaii West Oahu Students used the meeting to plan upcoming training for the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition with Red Team members.

The two pre-selected topics to be focused on by the attendees during this meetup were:

The Future of Air Force Comm Squadrons
Whitehat Hijacks Botnet – Ethics of Hacktivism

This gave industry professionals, military members, students, and all other attendees the ability to be on a level playing field to discuss important topics in both the private and public sectors. Opening up discussions and providing avenues for members to communicate with each other and find common grounds.

During this event we also had the University of Hawaii West Oahu/Honolulu Community College Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition team come out to meet with industry professionals. This gave students the ability to meet and network with members of AFCEA. They utilized this time to plan and prepare for a series of simulated Red Team attacks against their pre-made laboratory environment hosted at Honolulu Community College. Within this time frame they were able to plan for a multiple Red Team attacks and foster the discussion that would ultimately give them experience critical to the team’s growth.