From left LtCol Callistis Elbourne, Chapter President; Ashley Hillard; Shawn Case; David Cohen; Chris Jensen; James Cruz; Christine Lanning, Chapter Programs VP

This, our last luncheon of 2108, our VP of Programs, Ms. Christine Lanning, decided to go off script from our normal featured speaker routine and do a panel discussion. Christine invited members from NCIS, FBI, DSS and DHS to discuss “Insider Threats”. Christine was the moderator and provided some great questions for the panel to discuss. The entire panel offered their assistance to our chapter members and guests. DSS and DHS has some really great online training, ranging from the basics to master’s level, that is free to anyone on a .mil domain. One member of the panel suggested that most organizations do not have a plan for insider threats, but are more focused on workplace violence, active shooter, and disasters. The panel mentioned that organizations are focused on identifying inside actors and mitigating their risks, but forget about those that suffer from mental health issues. The panel was in agreement that organizations have an obligation to these workers to get them the help they need rather than just firing them. The panel discussed how departing personnel believe the information and data they produced or worked on becomes their personal property and they may want to take that data and information with them; that data and information is the organization’s property and should be left intact upon their departure. Our Chapter would like to thank Ms. Ashley Hillard, Mr. Chris Jensen, Mr. David Cohen, Mr. Shawn Chase, and Mr. James Cruz for their participation on the Insider Threat Panel.

LtCol Callistis Elbourne (L), Chapter President; MSgt Christopher Fiero, Young AFCEAN of the Month