Colonel Joseph Delaney receives a token of appreciation from Hawaii Chapter President, LtCol Callistus Elbourne

Hawaii Chapter President, LtCol Callistus Elboure (r) presents a token of appreciation to Guest Speaker, Colonel Joseph Delaney (l).

This month’s featured speaker was Colonel Joseph Delaney, USMC, DISA PAC Commander. It was obvious from his presentation that Colonel Delaney is passionate about the DISA PAC organization. He provided an overview of the services that DISA PAC provides to its many customers in the Pacific area. He emphasized that DISA PAC is an Enterprise Solution provider supporting the War Fighter. Colonel Delaney spoke about improvements and new services that DISA is working on. The Colonel mentioned that DISA is testing the Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) technology. Li-Fi is 100 times faster than the current Wi-Fi. Li-Fi uses household LED (light emitting diodes) light bulbs to transfer data at speeds of 224 gigabits per second. It is more secure than Wi-Fi because light does not pass through walls.


Young AFCEAN of the Month: Tiari Kau, Cyber Security Analyst, General Dynamics 

Tiari Kau receives Young AFCEAN of the Month Certificate from LtCol Callistus Elborne

Tiari Kau (r) is recognized as Young AFCEAN of the Month by Chapter President LtCol Callistus Elbourne (l)

Born and raised in Hawaii, Tiari Kau has been a member of the Hawaii Air National Guard since joining as a senior at Pearl City High School. She got her initial AF training in Computer Networking Cryptographic Systems and then later cross-trained into the Cyber Systems Operations while working full time at the 613th Air Operations Center. Currently, she works for General Dynamics IT as a DoD contractor, supporting the US Battlefield Information Collection and Exploitation Systems (USBICES) coalition networks as an Information Security Analyst ensuring the security and integrity of multiple intelligence networks. On the military side, she has recently commissioned as a Logistics Readiness Officer as a traditional guardsman. Besides her busy career, she stays active as the wife to a fellow guardsman, Steven-J, and mother of 3 awesome boys – Javen, Rylan and Zarin. 

AFCEAN of the Month: Greg Rebugio, Senior Tactical Manager, DISA PAC

Greg Rebugio receives AFCEAN of the Month Certificate from LtCol Callistus Elborne

Greg Rebugio (r) is recognized as AFCEAN of the Month by Chapter President LtCol Callistus Elbourne (l)

Greg Rebugio serves as a regional technical authority of the DoD Enterprise Satellite Gateways. He maintains oversight to tactical satellite communication missions in support of Joint C2 systems, the office of Secretary of Defense, Joint Staff, Agencies, Combatant Commands and Sub-Commands in the fight of terrorism, Homeland Defense, and humanitarian relief efforts. Greg was instrumental in the resolution of SATCOM anomalies affecting Homeland Missile Defense System; his expert engineering judgment enabled MDA ships to achieve a successful first live-fire test event against an ICBM-class target for GMD and the US Ballistic missile defense system as you may have read on the local new outlets. Greg provides technical guidance and oversight to US TRANSCOM missions contributing to the humanitarian assistance/disaster relief in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.

Greg’s professional passion inspired him to promote STEM by volunteering at Sacred Hearts Academy and mentors and coaches elementary and middle school students in Robotics.

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