LtCol Callistus Elbourne with CAPT Herman Archibald

Guest Speaker CAPT Herman Archibald (R) receives a token of appreciation from Hawaii Chapter President LtCol Callistus Elbourne

This month’s featured speaker was Captain Herman Archibald, Commanding Officer, NCTAMS Pacific. It was obvious to the group that Capt Archibald is a Subject Matter Expert when it comes to CRI in the telecommunications community.  His vast wealth of knowledge and experience in Information Dominance is what keeps our country’s warfighters on the forefront of the fight around the world!  We salute him for his contributions to our Naval Network Enterprise during  a long and illustrious career in the Navy and wish him well on his impending retirement.

NCTAMS Pacific is the main C4I capabilities provider in the Pacific and as such they work hard to be a driver of technology trends and improvements throughout the enterprise.  Archie spoke proudly on how they have improved the Authorized Service Interruptions(ASI) process and was adamant that we must run our IT Networks like a business so we can “Fight like a Warfighter”.  He discussed how network robustness is only restricted by the amount of dollars spent on the networks; the old adage “you get what you pay for”. He mentioned that Commercial SatCom is a robust industry and the government should invest more time and effort on learning how it could be a “Game Changer” for our military.

His last area of concern for the CRI Enterprise were subjective in nature but seemed to be on point with his entire theme of uninterrupted C2 being the endgame for all!  Our Network Defense is constantly under attack from outside entities probing and looking for ways to get inside to corrupt those networks and anything else they can destroy.  Network defense relies on our ability to rapidly deploy much needed active and passive cyber tools.  Industry needs to expand on Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning and work together to modernize and develop proactive doctrine to achieve enduring success. He believes we should be looking outside the box at a unified systems and get away from expensive legacy systems is the key to our future C4I success across the enterprise.  We need to think long-term and modernize and rid ourselves of the legacy systems that are way too expensive to sustain and support.

May 2018 Recognition

Hawaii Chapter President with outgoing 2017 AFCEA Hawaii Officers

Chapter President LtCol Callistus Elbourne (L) poses with outgoing Treasurer Ms. Christine Lanning, outgoing Membership VP SSgt Angel Olivas and outgoing Public Relations VP Mr. E.B. Lawson

While there was no awards for May 2018, the Chapter did recognize three outgoing Officers. Ms. Christine Lanning, the outgoing Treasurer, has moved to Programs VP. SSgt Angel Olivas was recognized as the outgoing Membership VP, and Mr. E.B. Lawson was recognized as the outgoing Public Relations VP.