Preregistration Closes on the last Friday before the event at 1600

Preregistration Cost: Members $25 | Non-Members $30

Walk-In Cost: Members $30 | Non-Members $35

Time: Check-In 1100am | Buffet 11:30am

Place:  Ft Shafter, Hale Ikena Club

Join AFCEA Hawaii Tuesday, May 14th, 2019 and hear from guest speaker Dave Stevens, University of Hawaii IT Program Director and Cybersecurity Instructor speak about Open-source intelligence (OSINT). OSINT is cyber intelligence information that is publicly available and gathered from radio, television, newspapers, commercial databases, electronic mail, or portable electronic media. OSINT is tremendously useful when hackers need to gather the names and biographical information of relevant employees (CEO, CFO, accounts receivable and payable, etc.), in order to execute a successful spear phishing campaign and access a company’s data. These personal details will lend credibility to the requests for information.

Dave Stevens is the IT Program Director at the University of Hawai’i Kapi’olani Community College and the co-founder of Kapu Technologies, LLC; a local Cyber Security company focusing on risk analysis and security governance. Dave is the faculty advisor of the KapCC Chapter of the Hawai’i Advanced Technology Society (HATS) and arranges for his students to perform penetration tests and vulnerability / risk assessments for local companies. He is a graduate of Hawai’i Pacific University with an Masters in Information Systems, a Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP), a Project Management Professional (PMP), and is the host of The Cyber Underground on 

Pre-Register before Friday, May 10th at 6 PM to save on registration.

Please be mindful that AFCEA Hawaii is under contract with the Club and will have to pay for no-shows



How to get onto Fort Shafter

AFCEA Hawaii luncheons are accessible to the public.  You do not need a vehicle sticker or badge to get onto Fort Shafter. To get on base simply provide your drivers license, current vehicle registration and insurance card at the main gate to be issued a day pass.

Attend Our Next Luncheon

Attend Our Next Luncheon

Directions to Hale Ikena Officers Club, Ft Shafter (Bldg 711)

Hale Ikena Officers Club, Ft Shafter (Bldg 711)

Please be mindful that AFCEA Hawaii  is under contract with the Club and will have to pay for no-shows.

When you register, please give your name, the names of any guests (as separate RSVPs on the web site) and your contact email or phone number. Please RSVP no later than the Friday before the event at 1600.

1. Seating for late registered and/or walk-in persons is not assured but we will do our best to assist.
2. RSVPs for this event as for all others must be considered as your commitment to pay unless the reservation is cancelled prior to 1600 hours on the Friday immediately preceding the event
3. We have initiated actions to recover luncheon costs from those who have reserved/registered for an event but then do not appear and pay at the luncheon, i.e. a “No Show”. We regret that we take such measures but whether you show or not, we must pay the club based on the head count we provide the club on the reservation deadline. That count is based entirely on the RSVP which each of you give us and which is your commitment to pay. We know you understand our position.
4. Attendees are not permitted to photograph, record, or videotape any portion of the AFCEA Hawai`i Luncheon Presentation. Failure to comply with this policy shall result in confiscation of devices or material, removal of the individual(s) and administrative action under government guidelines. Attendees understand that AFCEA Hawai`i and authorized Speaker representatives may conduct interviews and take photographs and/or audio/video tape any portion of the Luncheon. These photographs, videos and recordings are for use by AFCEA Hawai`i and the Speaker only.