Guest Speaker, Anabel Chotzen is presented a small token of our appreciation by our Programs VP, Dee Smith and Executive VP, Barry Fong

Annabel Chotzen (Center) receives a small token of our appreciation from the Programs VP, Dee Smith (L) and Executive VP, Barry Fong (R)

This month we welcomed Professional Speaker, Anabel Chotzen, as our Featured Speaker.

The following article is a summary of the presentation that Annabel Chotzen gave to AFCEA Hawaii on June 13, 2017.

Adapting to Change and Thriving in a Volatile Marketplace

Being able to adapt to change and learning how to thrive in uncertain times is very applicable and timely with the fast pace of changes in technology, our current administration, and the constantly changing world. It applies to all federal agencies, cyber security, and technology companies.

Annabel opened with a story about a man who lived in Germany during changing, volatile times. He focused on his dream of going to America, creating a plan to escape, taking action, persevering during challenging times, and eventually achieving his dream. This man is Annabel’s father, Walter.

She said westerners often fear change. The Chinese symbol for crisis and opportunity is the same. The word for change in the Hawaiian language is “Ho’ololi. The Hawaiians believed in the importance of embracing change.

With stunning video of Kilauea Volcano erupting, Annabel told the group that during times of crisis – like a health challenge, the loss of a loved one, or the loss of a job – it can feel like standing next to a volcano when it suddenly erupts. It is terrifying, scary, and life threatening. Annabel experienced this when she was standing only a few feet away from the hot, gushing lava of Kilauea Volcano.

She went on to say that after the eruption, the lava begins to slow down as it flows toward the ocean. In the same way, after we experience a crisis in our lives, we get accustomed to it even though we are still angry and upset. Then the lava becomes hard, dry, cold, and lifeless. This is where many people get stuck and have difficulty moving forward with their lives.

Just as when seeds below the lava begin to sprout, grow, and push their way upward, when you can see what’s good about the situation, focus on your goals and dreams, and have gratitude, great things happen.

Annabel then told us about the seven dynamics of change, the process of change, the reasons people resist change, ways to assess the difficulty of acceptance of change, and strategies for getting others to accept change.

Being an outstanding communicator is critical during times of change. Most people are not very good listeners. Annabel explained the steps she uses in her workshops to help people become great communicators. It is also critical that we understand that people respond to change differently based on other things including their personality type and generation.

Annabel spoke of the importance of having an action plan for success which includes:

  • Describing the change as completely as you can
  • Having a vision of the best possible outcome
  • Knowing the strengths of your group
  • Implementing the plan
  • Setting the timetable for making the change
  • Developing new skills which are needed to make the change
  • Creating incentives to move toward the change
  • Acknowledging, recognizing, and celebrating the change

Annabel concluded her presentation with asking participants to stand, reach their arms high and say “Ho’ololi.” Embrace the change!

June 2017 Awards

Young AFCEAN of the Month:  IT1 Ermine Bulls, NCTAMS PAC, Tactical Operator

The Young AFCEAN of the Month, IT1 Ermine Bulls is presented with a certificate from AFCEA Hawaii Executive VP, Barry Fong.

(L to R) AFCEA Hawaii Executive VP, Barry Fong presents the Young AFCEAN of the Month certificate to IT1 Ermine Bulls

As the Director of Cyber Patriot for Young AFCEANS, Ermine Bulls played an integral role in the planning of this year’s Cyber Patriot Awards Banquet held on May 13, 2017. She coordinated with other sponsors to execute a ceremony which recognized High School Cyber Patriot team members statewide. She also assisted with the VIP visit and social mixer for honored guest General Bernard Skoch (ret), Cyber Patriot Commissioner.





Senior Government Leader:  COL Claire E. Cuccio, Deputy Commander of 311th Signal Command (Theatre)

COL Claire Cussio (R) receives her certificate from Barry Fong, Executive VP of AFCEA Hawaii for her selection as Senior Government Leader

(L to R) Executive VP, AFCEA Hawaii, Barry Fong presents the Senior Government Leader, COL Claire Cussio with her certificate.

COL Claire E. Cuccio serves as the Deputy Commander of the 311th Signal Command (Theatre), which plans, builds, operates, and extends Army and Joint networks throughout the Pacific Theater to enable mission command for full spectrum, JIIM operations across all Joint operational phases. As directed, supports cyberspace operations to ensure US/Allied freedom of action in cyberspace and to deny the same to our adversaries.

COL Cuccio recently returned from Afghanistan as the Congressional Liaison for CG, Resolute Support/US Forces-Afghanistan.

COL Cuccio’s military education includes; Signal Officer Basic Course, USMC Command and Control Systems Course, Command and General Staff College, the Functional Area 24 Course, and the National War College.

COL Cuccio holds a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from Siena College; several Master Degrees and a Ph.D in Science and Technology Studies from Virginia Tech.