Cory Lindo and Mr. Peter Oleson

(L-R) AFCEA Hawaii Chairman of the Board, Cory Lindo; Mr. Peter Oleson, January 2017 Guest Speaker

This month’s Guest Speaker was Mr. Peter C. Oleson, Association of Former Intelligence Officers, Board of Director and Academic Exchange.  The topic was “Perpetual War”.  Mr. Oleson pointed out the most likely threat we face is continued, and escalating cyber conflict. He states in his presentation the most significant difference between inter-state conflict today and that of the Cold War is the cyber dimension.  Cyber is non-kinetic, and both the Russians and Chinese have recognized its power – and advantages.  A weaker power can use it against a more powerful one by the nature of the Internet, the major enabler of cyber operations, cyber attacks are uncertain – their origin and sponsorship can be disguised – at least for a period of time.  Cyber attacks are psychological.  They affect peoples’ perceptions and attitudes.  WIRED magazine predicts Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks, which are easy to conduct, will paralyze portions of the Internet.  Cyber war has become acceptable – because one can get away with it at next to no cost.  There are both offensive and defensive measures we should take – and a lot of these affect the communications and electronics industry in our country.


AFCEAN of the Month:  Chief Master Sergeant Don Gurganus, Jr., USAF 

AFCEAN of the Month for January 2017

(L-R) AFCEA Hawaii Chairman of the Board, Cory Lindo; Chief Master Sergeant Don Gurganus, Jr., USAF, AFCEAN of the Month

Chief Master Sergeant Don W. Gurganus, Jr. is the Air Force Installation Management Support Center Detachment 2 Cyber Operations and Support Functional Manager for Pacific Air Forces at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii. He oversees the proper organization, training and equipping of Cyber professionals from ten Air Force Specialty Codes in 1,790 positions across the Pacific theater. He determines manning priorities and optimum skill utilization to balance operations tempo, mission variations, and support of global mobility and contingency requirements. He also advises the Air Force Career Field Manager on training, network certification, force development and strategic enlisted management needs for the MAJCOM.

Chief Gurganus entered the Air Force in March 1989.  He graduated from the air conditioning and refrigeration specialist course at Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas in August 1989 and cross trained into communications maintenance at Keesler Air Force Base, Miss., in December 1993.  His background includes various duties in civil engineering and communications at the unit, Numbered Air Force and major-command levels.  His assignments include bases in Michigan, Nebraska, North Carolina, Mississippi, and New Mexico.  The chief also served overseas in South Korea, Germany, Hawaii, and deployed in support of Operations SOUTHERN WATCH and ENDURING FREEDOM.


Senior Government Leader:  Reynold Hioki, Col, USAF (ret)  

Senior Government Leader for January 2017, Col Reynold Hioki, USAF (Ret)

(L-R) Chairman of the Board, Cory Lindo; Col Reynold Hioki, USAF (Ret), Senior Government Leader.

Reynold recently retired from the HIANG this past June and is now the State Cybersecurity Coordinator working for the State Department of Defense.  Prior to his retirement, Colonel Hioki served as Director of Command, Control, Communications and Computers/Cyberspace (J6) for the Hawaii National Guard (HING) where he advised and assisted The Adjutant General of the State of Hawaii in developing C4 and Cyberspace policy and strategic planning.  He was directly responsible for the implementation of National Guard emergency communications state-wide and ensured interoperable communication capabilities were available to support National Guard Domestic Operations. He worked closely with the National Guard Bureau, State of Hawaii and county civil defense agencies, and other interagency first responder organizations.  Colonel Hioki also served concurrently as the Hawaii Air National Guard (HIANG) Director for Communications and Information (A6) and State of Hawaii Cybersecurity Coordinator.

Student of the Month:  Zion Basque, Kamehameha High School

Student of the Month for January 2017

(L-R) AFCEA Hawaii Chairman of the Board, Cory Lindo; Zion Basque, Student of the Month for January 2017

 Zion is a boarder from Kaua’i.  He was recently a part of a team which won 1st place for creating an online database where users can search for scholarships, internships, community service, and college applications.  Zion helped to create this online database when, as a senior in high school, he found that the State doesn’t have a “one stop shop” where high school students have access to this pertinent information for college planning.  An Honor’s Roll student, he is the president of our Coding Club, treasurer of the Math Club, and an award winning debater.  He is also proficient in: Ruby, Python, JavaScript, and Java.


Young AFCEAN of the Month:  Petty Officer 1st Class, Ermine Bulls, NCTAMS PAC

Young AFCEAN of the Month for January 2017

(L-R) Hawaii Chairman of the Board, Cory Lindo; PO1 Ermine Bulls, Young AFCEAN of the Month

A native of Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn, NY.  She enlisted in the Navy in 2005 as an Information Systems Technician.  Throughout her career she has served in a variety of units such as the USS Eisenhower (2 tours), ACU-4, NCTAMS LANT, Helicopter Sea Combatron-9, and presently at NCTAMS PAC.  Additionally she has served in a variety of billets such as Signal Exploitation Supervisor, ADP Lead Petty Officer, Cybersecurity Workforce coordinator, COMSEC Equipment supervisor, along with diverse assignments such as SAPR Victims Advocate, EO Representative, and career Counselor.  She holds an Associate’s Degree in Computer Networking, a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management, and several certifications to include Security Plus, and Microsoft Certified Professional.