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On 07 January 2015, the Young AFCEAN Vice Presidents hosted another Leadership and Mentorship Panel at the 7 Palms Bar & Grille. The panel was led by COL David Snoddy, 67th Cyberspace Operations Wing Commander; LT COL Roy Rockwell, 561st NOS Commander; and LT COL Mark Reith, 690 NSS Commander.  The panel took turns answering questions ranging from leadership traits, effective use of resources, and lessons learned throughout their careers. While discussing leadership traits, COL Snoddy stated, “A leader’s greatest trait is consensus building. The ability to rally, motivate, and inspire drives teams to accomplish goals and effectively manage resources.” Upon completion, AFCEANs took advantage of the social setting to interact with the panel and gain further insight regarding the future of cyberspace operations across the Air Force Information Network. The event’s success is a testament of the Young AFCEANs commitment to continuously seek avenues to develop future industry and government leaders.