August 2016 Guest Speaker, Jason Sewell

L-R Executive VP, LtCol Callistus Elbourne; Jason Sewell, Co-Founder devleague

AFCEA Hawaii welcomed speaker Jason Sewell, Co-Founder of devleague.  Upon arrival Jason noticed a lot of Military folks and informed the folks at his table that he’s never been affiliated with the Military and didn’t know what to speak about, so it was suggested he just speak about his passion.  The audience soon learned his passion is teaching others what he has learned and mastered.  Jason dropped out of high school, but being an independent thinker he begin working odd jobs here and there until Computer Science caught his interest.  Jason went on to get a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Hawaii.  He started designing  websites for local startup companies.  He taught himself e-Commerce and then started developing e-Commerce websites.

He switched tracks from Computer Science to Management Information Systems (MIS) and was encouraged by a mentor to pursue programming jobs.  Jason co-founded devleague, a Programming Boot Camp for future Developers.  They are rated as one of the top 30 Bootcamps in the world.  The Bootcamp is an intense 12 week program with 11 hour days. There is a part-time Bootcamp that runs 26 weeks and convenes in the evening twice a week and all day Saturday.  His presentation showed there have been 404 that applied, 130 accepted, 87 enrolled, and 77 graduated.  Of those that graduated, 54 were male and 23 female which equates to 72% male and 28% female.  Most graduates do find jobs.  The average starting salary for those that find jobs is $55,707.00 a year.  Most students that apply are already college graduates that are seeking career changes. The organization is a profit organization and costs each student $10,000.00 per Bootcamp.  They have awarded $68,000.00 in scholarships.  They offer a junior Bootcamp and when asked what the biggest challenge was, Jason responded access, because the only students they reach are the ones that can afford to pay which reduces the demographic pool and those less fortunate are left behind.  They plan to implement a CyberSecurity Bootcamp in the near future.  They plan to meet with NSA to gain an understanding of the training required so they can develop a curriculum.   Jason says the best way to learn is through mentorship, communications and collaboration amongst team members.   He wants to pursue other passions, but insisted devleague will always have a special place in his heart.  He believes in paying it back, or paying it forward.  He is grateful for all the people that pushed him into technology.

We were pleased to also recognize this month’s well-deserving awardees:


AFCEAN of the Month: Michael Boutte, Soft Engineer, Lockheed Martin

August 2016 AFCEAN of the Month - Michael Boutte

L-R Executive VP, LtCol Callistus Elbourne; Michael Boutte, Lockheed Martin, AFCEAN of the Month

Michael Boutte is a Software Engineer Senior Staff with Lockheed Martin, currently with Aeronautics Advanced Development Programs.  During his 25 years with Lockheed Martin he has developed avionics and ground support software for the F‑2, F-16, F-22 and F-35 aircraft, was Pacific representative for the Transportation Worker Identification Credential program, designed and built operations centers for the U.S. Navy, and has been an integrator of Army intelligence software.   He holds a B.S. in Computer Science and an M.S. in Software Engineering from Texas Christian University.


Executive of the Month:  Sandra Ohara, Director of Corporate Accounts, Adecco 

August 2016 Executive of the Month - Sandra Ohara

L-R Executive VP, LtCol Callistus Elbourne; Sandra Ohara, Director of Corporate Accounts, Adecco, Executive of the Month

Sandra Ohara has over 03 years of experience in sales and marketing in the local business community with a special emphasis in the Federal Sector.  Prior to her current position as the Director of Corporate Accounts with Adecco, she was the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for ComTel, she was the President of Systems Group Inc, and Data, Tel, and Power (formerly Data Management), a Marketing Rep for IBM, and a Consultant with Verizon Hawaii.  Sandra is a graduate of Indiana University and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business education.  Additionally she has previously served as the president  various professional organizations such as the  Downtown Metro Rotary, AFCEA, Alpha Gamma Delta Hawaii Alumni Board, and Hawaii Telecommunications Assoc.  She has also served as the past Chairman of the Board of Catholic Charities, and has been a member of the Downtown exchange club, and the Organization of women Leaders.

Outgoing VP of Programs:  Barry Fong, VP of Programs (outgoing)

August 2016 Barry Fong - VP of Programs (5 years)

L-R AFCEA Hawaii’s Chairman of the Board, Cory Lindo; Barry Fong, VP of Programs (outgoing)

AFCEA Hawaii’s Chairman of the Board, Cory Lindo recognized the outgoing VP of Programs, Barry Fong.  Barry served as the VP of Programs for the last 5 years, and was presented with an engraved photograph as a token of our appreciation.  The photo is a Hawaiian Landmark with the American and Hawaiian Flag in the foreground.  This is presented to all the outgoing officers.




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