• Reach out, coordinate and collaborate with Academia, State and Local government, local businesses, corporations and associations to promote and advance STEM.  In doing so, involvement will promote and advance AHEF goals and objectives to include AHEF STEM scholarships/grants.

Public Relations/Marketing:

  • Focal point for information about AHEF programs and events; creates press releases, flyers, email and other media products to disseminate information to the public and AHEF supporters. Coordinate with AFCEA Hawaii and AFCEA International. Develop and maintain media contact lists.


  • May serve in a number of ways: contact schools and STEM classrooms to promote AHEF scholarships and encourage applications for scholarships and STEM-teacher grants; screen scholarship applications; maintain historical records of scholarships/grants given and track/update contact information of recipients (for future events where they would be invited to attend); etc.


Asia Pacific Event Planning and Execution (multiple areas)

  • Leadership Forum: Assist in planning efforts for sponsors, scheduling, speakers, materials, participants/scholars. Assist instructors as needed; takes roll-call; enforces 100% attendance of scholars
  • CEU Sessions: Assist in planning efforts for sponsors, scheduling, instructors, materials, participants. Assist instructors as needed; hands out Rules for Getting Credit for CEU; Scans attendees as they Exit the CEU Session; follows-up on getting CEU credits to attendees
  • Pau Hana Reception: Assist in planning efforts for sponsors, scheduling, STEM organizations. Staff AHEF table, develop AHEF talking points when greeting Pau Hana attendees, etc.
  • Golf Tournament: Seek Corporate Sponsors, plan and execute all duties associated with a Golf tournament (location, players, menus, check-in, banquet, etc.)  Coordinate with Honolulu Council Navy League as co-sponsor.


Event Planning and Execution

  • Develop strategies to develop new and existing events, and encourage new or increased contributions. Recruit sponsors, participants, or volunteers for fundraising events. Compile or develop materials to submit to granting or other funding organizations. Monitor progress of fundraising drives. Develop corporate fundraising programs, such as employer gift-matching. Develop and maintain media contact lists.