AFCEA Hawaii Chapter Membership Vice-President Clifton Jenkins is pleased to announce a chapter milestone with the registration of the Chapter’s 800th member!

The honor was bestowed upon Ms. Xan Aliandri Yamashita. After speaking with several AFCEA Hawaii members she decided that AFCEA would perfectly benefit her future and professional development.  Ms. Yamashita works for Catalogic Software, a company that provides a software-only Copy Data Management platform that works with existing storage and VMware environment. She is also a writer and entrepreneur and will be a terrific chapter member with her energy, leadership and pioneering drive for networking opportunities in the Pacific Region.

Look for Ms. Yamashita at TechNet San Diego in February 2016 and TechNet Asia-Pacific next year. Ms. Yamashita currently has a twin brother serving in the U.S. Army, and expressed her gratitude to all the families and service members who sacrifice daily to protect our country.